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New Kitchen For All The Fixin's

Hey Lovebugs! Guess what? Lucretia's Kitchen is looking for a new home and we need your help!

We are continually grateful for every step, forward or backward, that LK has made over the last almost 7 years. Going from career woman to business owner had been dream of mine for years and I can still envision our initial move into the shared kitchen that sits in the center of Russell neighborhood. We sold plates out of trunk for a period of time and we are still appreciative of the all of the people that lined up each and every week for Soulful Sundays.

As a business owner, I was able to foster many lasting relationships and more importantly I learned a lot of valuable gems. I'd like to say everyone that worked on my staff was able to elevate their skill as well. But times change! Our goal was always to operate out of own brick and mortar and this fall we began searching high and low.

We miss seeing all of your faces! We miss serving our famous BBQ and most of all sharing & receiving love!

To assist in our search and securing a new place, please use our contact form to send any information you may find about open restaurant or food truck spaces. If you would like to donate towards a building, we have a donation link as well that you can find in the menu section.

Thank you and love you all!

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